Annie Cain

A one-time reference librarian who gave it all up to code, I hack away in higher education, improving user experience as I go. These are some of the projects I've worked on.

Annie Cain


Indelible links helps scholars, journals and courts create permanent links to the online sources cited in their work.

Awesome Box

An alternate library returns box for awesome items

If you checked out an item and you thought it was awesome, for whatever reason, you return it to the Awesome Box instead of the regular returns box.

Map It

Helping users locate items in the stacks

The Harvard Library has miles of shelves. Map It will tell you which one is home to the item you need.


A new way to browse the library

StackLife incorporates community usage data into searching and browsing and allows users to browse a virtual stack of items from across multiple libraries.


Redesigned research guides present content in a more usable and useful way.

LibGuides redesign

See a LibGuide in action

Staff Picks

Staff members chose a book to share with the library through an easy drag and drop interface.

Staff Picks

See Staff Picks in action

Place Your Face

This app lets users insert their face in a photo from the library archives and email it to a friend.

Place Your Face

See Place Your Face in action